What is Twine?

Over the next several blog posts I am going to publish my Twine guide. What is Twine? Twine is an open source (GPL) program that uses wiki formatting to create hypertext. The Twine program is available for free for Windows/Mac … Continue reading

How To Use Twine, Level One

Each section of your Twine project is a box called a passage. To add a passage, you could click the green +Passage button in the bottom-right corner, but the easiest way is to simply create a link. Twine 2 will automatically create … Continue reading

Twine Pictures, GIFs, and Background Images

PICTURES AND ANIMATED GIFS First of all, I do NOT recommend hotlinking (simply copying and pasting the URL from a stranger’s site), because they could delete or change the image at any time. I recommend posting your images on your … Continue reading

Twine CSS

CASCADING STYLE SHEETS To customize the way your game looks, click the menu in the bottom-left, then Edit Story Stylesheet. In the stylesheet, you can write CSS code that will allow you to change the background color, the text color, … Continue reading

Twine code, keys, and locked doors

CODE Wouldn’t it be great if your Twine game could remember if the player picked up an item? Code will let you do this and much more. Code is special directions for the computer that will not be seen by … Continue reading

Twine variables

POWER-UPS, COINS, AND OTHER ITEMS Lots of things can be stored as variables. A variable can be something that is typically found in a video game (points, lives, power-ups, coins, items, weapons, health, etc.) or a variable can be something … Continue reading

Twine logic

IF THIS, THEN THAT You can use if with your Twine variables in order to hide or show things to the player. The code below says to the computer, “If the player’s health is less than one, they died. If … Continue reading

Twine Random Numbers

RANDOM NUMBERS Games are more interesting if they are different each time you play. In board games, rolled dice and shuffled cards are typical. In video games, random numbers are used. You can use the code random to “roll dice” … Continue reading

Twine Music and Sound Effects from YouTube

SOUND EFFECTS We will start by talking about an easy way to add Sound Effects which will stop playing whenever the player moves to a new passage. After you find your YouTube video, click Share and Embed. Copy the iframe … Continue reading

TwineFray: A Battle System for Twine

In this post, I’m going to cover one way to create a battle with an enemy in Twine. Let’s start with the variables. The only variable that is really needed is $health, but to make things more interesting, we will … Continue reading

How to Use Google Drive to Store High Scores for Twine Games

The first thing that you will obviously need is a Twine game that stores the player’s points as a variable. To do this, write a bit of code like this in the Start passage: <<set $points = 100>>. Any time … Continue reading