Podcast Recommendations

hp4Here is a list of some of my favorite podcasts:

99% Invisible - Documentary

A Little Dusty - Documentary

Between the Liner Notes - Music Technology Documentary

Clockwise - Technology Reviews

Comedy Bang! Bang! - Comedy

Criminal - True Crime Documentary

Slate's Culture Gabfest - Reviews

The Daily Show Podcast without Jon Stewart - Comedy Documentary

Death, Sex & Money - Documentary

Ear Biscuits - Comedy Documentary

hp3Freakonomics Radio - Documentary

Fresh Air - Documentary Reviews

Fugitive Waves - Documentary

Slate's The Gist - News Comedy

KCRW Here Be Monsters - True Crime Documentary

NPR: Hourly News Summary - News

NPR: Invisibilia - Psychology Documentary

The Late Show Podcast - Comedy Documentary

Lore - True Crime Documentary

Love + Radio - Documentary

APM Marketplace Tech - Technology News

hp2Mystery Show - Documentary

Note to Self - Technology Documentary

NPR Technology Podcast (Cancelled?)

Pitch - Music Technology

Planet Money - Documentary

Pop Culture Happy Hour - Reviews

Radiolab - Technology Documentary

Reasonable Sound - Music Technology

Reply All - Technology

Serial - True Crime Documentary

Slate's Serial Spoiler Specials - Reviews

hp1Song Exploder - Music Technology Documentary

StartUp Podcast - Documentary

The Story Collider - Documentary

This American Life - Documentary

TLDR (Cancelled?)

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! - News Comedy

What's The Point - Documentary

WTF with Marc Maron - Comedy Documentary