Spawn a Pet Wolf Java Minecraft Mod

This mod from “Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Minecraft Mods Programming, second edition” by Rogers Cadenhead will spawn a wolf when the player types the command “/petwolf”

The first thing to notice is that the starter code is MISSING an important line of code. The starter code below will spawn a wolf at the player’s location and set the collar color to pink. The starter code does NOT set the player to be the owner of the wolf.

Demo of the PetWolf Minecraft mod


1. Can you set the player to be the owner of the wolf?

Check the Spigot API documentation for the Wolf class and look for one of the Tameable methods that lets you change the owner.

2. Can you randomize the collar color?

Check the Spigot API for the DyeColor class for a list of the class constants (for example DyeColor.PINK), create an array of type DyeColor that contains several colors, and randomly select a DyeColor from the list.

3. Can you give the wolf a random name?

The Wolf class lists the methods that can change a wolf’s custom name (look at the Nameable methods). Create an array of dog names, randomly select a name and use substring to get only the first half, randomly select a name and use substring to get only the second half, then set the wolf’s custom name to be the first half concatenated with the second half. This should generate interesting names like Coodo (Cooper + Fido), Root (Rover + Spot), Fiper (Fido + Cooper), Coover (Cooper + Rover), Fiot (Fido + Spot), Fiver (Fido + Rover) and Rodo (Rover + Fido).

Another demo of the PetWolf Minecraft mod

PetWolf Starter Code


package com.javaminecraft;

import java.util.logging.*;
import org.bukkit.*;
import org.bukkit.command.*;
import org.bukkit.entity.*;

public class PetWolf extends JavaPlugin {
    public static final Logger LOG = Logger.getLogger("Minecraft");

    public boolean onCommand(CommandSender sender, Command command,
        String label, String[] arguments) {

        if (label.equalsIgnoreCase("petwolf")) {
            if (sender instanceof Player) {
                // get the player
                Player me = (Player) sender;
                // get the player's current location
                Location spot = me.getLocation();
                // get the game world
                World world = me.getWorld();

                // spawn one wolf
                Wolf wolf = world.spawn(spot, Wolf.class);
                // set the color of its collar
      "[PetWolf] Howl!");
                return true;
        return false;